Seeking the next generation of disrupters, dreamers, and the technology that powers them.

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Chrometech is an advisory firm focused on technology disruption

We help companies evaluate potential investment and acquisition opportunities and make inroads in emerging tech, fintech, crypto currency, and the gaming and entertainment industries.

With experts around the globe, Chrometech helps businesses evaluate acquisitions, disrupt business models, and work together on market transforming and future defining brands, where technology is changing and challenging the order of everything we thought we knew.

Investing in the future

We seek to deliver long-term value for our stakeholders through smart acquisitions, asset management, and smart technology. We focus on technology that we believe will change the game.


Our team is made of tech savvy and highly experienced international business analysts with hands on knowledge of technology that is changing the world.


We understand the technology that is changing everything, from banking to customer service and everything in-between.


We have a consistent track record of finding the technology solutions that make a big difference to a wide variety of industries.

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